Moonstone is composed of feldspar stones, meaning any non-metallic mineral with a disconnected glass-resembling (vitreous) luster. Moonstone features a faint blue blush of color over the stone and an “inner” milky light which resembles the Moon. It is also an alternative birthstone for the month of June.  Moonstone itself is frequently a colorless stone, but some moonstone varieties can display colors such as: gray, brown, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and white. Moonstone deposits are most commonly found in Sri Lanka and India.

Few stones have collected as many stories and legends as the Moonstone has. In ancient Rome it was said that Moonstone formed from droplets of Moonlight. Ancient Romans also believed that Moonstone was the embodiment of many of the qualities associated with the Moon such as: femininity, intuition, dreams, emotion, and love. In Indian and Hindu legends it is regarded as a sacred stone that was believed to bring good fortune.